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Gymfest 2016 - Shirley Display Team

Gymfest 2016 - Shirley Display Team

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The club has three squads (Moonstone, Ruby & Diamond) comprising selected gymnasts. Each squad has dedicated training slots that must be attended.


The head of each squad will extend an offer to recreational gymnasts, that have the ability, to join the introductory squad (Moonstone).


Training Slots

Please click here for more information on class times, prices and term dates.


Within the squads, the club also has two display teams. Both teams perform routines comprise of tumbling, choreography, and acro gymnastics, which involve many hours of dedication from the coaches and gymnasts to achieve the levels that they must sustain on the busy UK display team circuit.


Performances take place locally at summer fetes, and nationally at annual gymnastic festivals in London, Liverpool,  Dublin and Scotland.

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